For Seafood Fans

With Thailand’s miles of coastline and many inland waterways, it is hardly surprising that the Thais are primarily a fish-eating nation. The warm tropical seas bring an abundance of fish and shellfish, while even the channels between the paddy fields are teeming with many types of fish.

In Thai coastal towns, there are rows of thatch-roofed beach kiosks selling fresh seafood from the warm Gulf waters — everything imaginable, from broiled or sautéed fish with ginger to shrimp in coconut and cilantro, is there to tempt both locals and visitors alike. Even in the heart of Bangkok city, the street markets are packed with fresh fish and seafood.

Like meat, fish and seafood are quickly transformed into delicious curries, stir-fries, and salads, and steaming in a traditional bamboo steamer is also a very popular method of cooking fish. Thick, meaty chunks of angler fish, cod, or salmon can be left for an hour or two in a refreshing chili and lime marinade, and hold their shape and texture perfectly as they are cooked. Creamy coconut milk features in many Thai dishes — it blends particularly well with the kick of Thai spices to create curry sauces with a delicate flavor that is perfect for fish.


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