Collection of Thai Soup and Appetizers Recipes

In the Western way of eating, soup and appetizers are serve separately as a first course but in Thailand, these dishes would be serve and eaten as a snacks any time of the day, or as an appetizers before starting a formal meal, or this can be part of the main course when this dishes are served on plates or in a bowls in small portions and eaten together with the rest of the food.

Serving an authentic Thai menu is worth noting that soups are always almost served in every Thai meal. Whether its breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is often a bowl of soup, a thin broth made filling and nutritious addition of rice or fine noodles with fish, eggs, meats, tofu, vegetables and herbs, and a fresh chili will enriched your taste. When cooking Thai inspired deep fried food, always remember that after removing the fried food from the pan to pat the finished food well with paper towels to remove excess oil and to allow the delicate flavors of the fillings to be enjoyed during our meal.

Tod Man Pla (Thai Fish Cakes Recipe)

Tod man pla is a spicy Thai fish cake that is so yummy!!! We can serve them with rice or eat them by itself with sauce for snacks. I’ve also tried substituting the fish with other meats like chicken or pork and still taste good. This Thai fish cake recipe […][...]

Pa Pai (Thai Spring Rolls) Recipe

Although Chinese in origin, deep-fried spring rolls are popular dish on Thai menus. These crispy and golden look are difficult to resist. Many pre-made spring rolls are easily found in many frozen section of supermarkets, but a homemade spring rolls are much better because you know its content and the […][...]

Khai Yat Sai (Spicy Thai Omelet)

In many Thai dishes, eggs from a tiny quail to chicken eggs are usually being used. Even though this dish, a simple omelet which is a common dish to most of us, this spicy Thai omelet recipe is special to me. It’s special because when I served this Thai omelet […][...]

Gung ga tiem (Stir-Fried Shrimp with Garlic)

This Thai food recipe is a good appetizer especially with the flavor combination of shrimp and garlic. I suggest that you use a large shrimp or a jumbo shrimp if possible because they are juicier and tender to eat which will make this Thai dish an unforgettable meal. Ingredients: 2 […][...]

Tom Kha Gai (Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup)

Chicken and Coconut Milk Soup

Thai soups usually stay on the table throughout the meal. They can serve as a sauce for rice or dishes that have no sauce of their own. Some soups are very light and can be served as a first course, whereas others are more substantial and may be served as […][...]

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